THIS WEAK SNOOZE: The Miscellaneous Musings of David “WiseacreDave” Woodside

Greetings Friends,

Welcome to my blog, THIS WEAK SNOOZE. It will have all the informative writing, clever opinions, witty palindromes and other tidbits which you’ve come to expect of me yet never seem to get. Well now you can get this valuable information delivered right to your email inbox! Or, if you’re up on the newer technology, feel free to Kindle it on your iPhone. Or download it to your Faceplace tweets.

Each issue of THIS WEAK SNOOZE will contain THIS WEEK’S NEWS, plus things like:
What is WiseacreDave doing now?
If he’s so smart, why isn’t he rich?
If he’s so rich, why isn’t he smart?
Does he still wear those ugly shoes?
Does he still drive that ugly car?
What’s his latest group of new palindromes?
When is his next colonoscopy exam and are there any more pictures of his last one?
Useful, modern terminology like “#OMG”

My breakthrough blog is called THIS WEAK SNOOZE and for now it will be updated weekly or whenever I get around to it.

I hope you will make the right decision and follow my blog. Your life could be improved! Your relationships may be repaired! You could even make more money! Or you could risk all that success and choose to read THIS WEAK SNOOZE anyway! Plus it’s FREE!

And remember, if you take the “U” out of “COULD” you get “COLD”. So don’t be left out in the cold. Read THIS WEAK SNOOZE today!

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2 thoughts on “THIS WEAK SNOOZE: The Miscellaneous Musings of David “WiseacreDave” Woodside

  1. G2

    Hey, I looked up the def’n of Glob:
    [ glob ]
    A rounded heap of soft substance: a small amount of a soft or semiliquid substance ”

    Is this site a Glob Blog?

    I’ll be watching…

  2. dwoodside Post author

    Ha, G2, you must be sydlexic because “glob” backwards is “bolg” not “blog”! But you probably knew that and are just messing with me.


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