Do you have aches and pains?  Why not trade your belly ache for a belly laugh! Wiseacre Dave is pleased to announce the publication of his humor writing contribution in the book “My Funny Major Medical”, which was published in October, 2012.

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Dave’s contribution “Sometimes It Is Brain Surgery” is based on his wife’s real experience while in the hospital getting her head examined from the inside.  It was a laugh-a-minute, and it was fun for her too!

The book features many funny medical musings from America’s funniest humorists.  So if you know anyone who has ever been sick, injured, in the hospital or even dead, be sure to give them a copy of the book.  They’ll thank you for it (if they don’t die laughing first).

Get your own copy of this book from Amazon today!  Just click the book image above and you’ll be taken to Amazon’s site.

Affiliate Notice: Wiseacre Dave is participating in the “Amazon Associates” affiliate program, in which he will be paid for marketing and selling the “My Funny Major Medical” book.  (And why not?  I’m the author, so I’m just sayin’.).

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